Today In HELL!

Pain for a true cunt

You love strappado, a bitch strung up with her arms behind her, her sensitive front open to all the punishment and torture imaginable. Reverse strappado gives the same access to a cunt’s backside and holds her in place with a sense of rigidity that is truly cruel. That is what Blossom endures in this ordeal.

But the real proof is the look of anguish and agony on her slutty face as the welts multiply all around her ass and cunt and thighs and legs. As the pain grows, as she knows this is what her life is, suffering for your amusement.

This is real torture and Blossom suffers it well, as a masochistic cunt should. The bitch is naked, starting in a cage and ending in a cage, looking like an animal. When we say Real Torture in Real Time, we aren’t kidding and that is what happens to Blossom, real torture, real welts, real pain, in real time.

Blossom in Reverse Strappado, Tortured for your fun.

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