27 February 2024

New Meat in HELL!

Destroyed, that is the only way to describe this cunt’s painhole, destroyed.

Meet Emily Addams, New Meat in HELL!, and she is a true masochistic piece of shit coming to HELL! from Germany. She is here for the sole purpose of amusing you, entertaining you, with her abject suffering and degradation.

She arrived in HELL! and very soon was licking ass, tongue-cleaning dirty boots, and begging to be beaten, and in this case, have her cunt busted by BrutalMaster.

Several members have asked for a true cunt-busting spike and this is it, the whore’s worthless pain-hole is kicked and kicked and kicked until it is raw and bleeding.

This is just the beginning of her 24 hour Ordeal of Agony, there is so much more coming. When the bitch left, she has to wear sunglasses and cover herself head to toe because she was so destroyed.
LIke we said, the only word to truly describe this movie, and this bitch, is destroyed.

Emily Addams, Cunt Busted Bitch, Welcome to HELL!

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