13 April 2015

You have seen the Parrot Perch used in HELL! before, but NEVER like this. We love this form of torture because merely being the victim on the perch quickly becomes agony, even before any additional torture methods are applied. But for The Pig the Parrot Perch became even more extreme because both her asshole and her cunthole were stuffed with inflatable plugs, a big dildo for her cunt and a big butt-plug for her ass, stretching her holes to the maximum. And that was before the real torture, a caning, had even begun, The caning itself can only be described as simply intense. The Pig is really a piece of shit and she knows it, and this is an extreme way to reinforce that. The Pig, the Parrot Perch and HELL!, a combination that is guaranteed to create the most intense suffering.

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